This is not the first time that Sarrah has made the decision to follow Jesus. He made this decision a few years ago while speaking with a believer, but he was just like the Parable of the Sower. When Sarrah heard the Word of God, like rocky ground, he immediately received it with joy, but because he didn’t have roots, he forgot about it. But God had a different plan for him. Sarrah had not been a devout Muslim since then. He told a believer that he didn’t like the teachings of Islam and that he was deeply hurt by an incident several months ago in the city of Jaranwala where Christians were badly treated. The believer asked him to think deeply if persecuting people in the name of religion could really be God’s will. Sarrah said that there’s no way that God would want His people to act that way and that he wanted to learn about Jesus again. He decided to pray for his salvation and confessed that only Jesus is the one true God. Pray for Sarrah to put down deep roots and for this small seed of faith to grow and bear much fruit!