People of Central Taiwan

Pray for E-Love Baptist Church in Lugu Township, Nantou County. Nantou is the only land-locked county in Taiwan and has the largest number of temples. Lugu is a small mountain town, but their frozen top oolong tea is world-famous. Lugu is home to Xitou Forest and Shanlinxi Recreation areas, which are suitable for hiking spots for all ages. Every day, 6,000 to 7,000 tourists, mostly 55 and older, visit Lugu. Because of the scenery, cool climate, fresh air, and water, Lugu is very popular and especially suitable for retirement. E-Love Church rents its facility, but the landlord, who is not a Christian, is considering selling the property. As more people move to Lugu, housing costs rise, and it is difficult for the church to find a facility. The rent at a new location will likely increase significantly! Pray for God’s wisdom and clear leadership for this small church and its leaders. Pray for God to guide the landlord as he considers what to do with the property. Pray that God will lead the church to become a healthy, strong body of Christ, impacting the region for His kingdom.