People of Central Taiwan

April 5-6 is the Ching Ming Festival, also called “Tomb-Sweeping Day.” Families clean or sweep, the family gravesites, burn incense and spirit money to their ancestors, offer sacrifices to them, and pray to them for blessings. Special ceremonies are held at local temples and family altars for their ancestors. Christians face challenges from their families if they don’t participate. Some are not welcome home because they won’t burn incense and offer sacrifices to their ancestors. Many seekers choose not to follow Jesus because of the family, religious, and cultural pressures to participate in ancestor worship. This is a major spiritual and cultural barrier to the gospel. Pray for Christians facing these challenges to be faithful to Christ while still showing love and grace to family members who may ostracize them. Pray for families to see Christ through family members who are Christians. Pray they will see His mercy and grace, His light and truth. Pray they will be drawn to Christ through the love of these Christians. Pray families will become united in Christ.