People of Central Taiwan

The Matzu (goddess of the sea) parades continue in Taiwan’s central west coast through May 18. Over 100,00 pilgrims travel between north Taichung County through LuKang, where the largest Matzu temple is, then venture southward to Beigang, home to Taiwan’s oldest Matzu temple. The walking pilgrimage is over 200 miles round trip of visiting about a dozen century-old temples, carrying Matzu idols to spread her blessings, and paying offerings throughout the entire trip. Participants go into trances and are possessed by various spirits. Pray for Christians and churches along the way to clearly share the full gospel with these pilgrims who are lost and bound in darkness. These people who look to Matzu and other gods for hope, light, and truth only find more darkness. Pray for their hearts to believe and positively respond to the truth of Christ. Pray for spiritual awakening in central Taiwan. Pray that Buddhists will hunger for godliness and intimacy with the Creator God rather than man-made gods. Pray that people who are seeking truth will surrender their lives to Jesus, and those who hear the gospel will turn from Matzu and other gods to the truth and light of Christ. Pray against any cultural and spiritual barriers that stand in the way of their freedom in Christ.