People of Southern Taiwan

“This month, our prayer focus is for the women of Southern Taiwan. Socio-economic and political changes have reshaped the roles of women in many ways here. For the past eight years, Taiwan has had a female president, and many women are in places of great influence. However, the traditional role of being the main caretaker in a multi-generational home is still the norm. Taiwanese women work hard. They are the caretakers in the home. They are the ones shaping the beliefs of young children, informing the morals of teenagers, and giving direction to the next generation. Pray that our churches will find creative ways to reach women from all walks of life and share in their joys and burdens, letting them know that they are loved and valued. Our prayer is that as women open their hearts to God’s truth, their changed lives will speak loudly to their husbands, and they will instruct their children in the ways of the Lord. May these women be the bridge to their parents’ and grandparents’ generation so that entire families will know, love, and honor God.”