People of the Arid Triangle, North Africa

Aya has had a troubled past, full of abuse and betrayal. She came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior last year, and while she has found freedom and some healing, troubles from her past keep reappearing. She’s considered moving out of the country to find safety and a new start, but for various reasons, she’s pressing pause on those plans. These days have been difficult for her, and she needs the Lord’s peace and comfort in her life. Pray for Aya to find her peace in Christ. Ask that the Lord will be her comfort and strength as she deals with the trauma of her past and that He will be near to her as Counselor, Father, and Friend. As she seeks His will for her future, she is looking into different schooling and work options. Pray that He will provide Aya with opportunities to improve her future and that she will trust in Him as doors either open or close.