People of the Arid Triangle, North Africa

Becoming a believer later in life, Aya was quickly all in: She was very passionate about her faith and her walk with the Lord. Unfortunately, soon after, a life-changing medical diagnosis left her disabled and unable to speak. She has remained steadfast in the Lord and enjoys fellowship with others, but she has been influenced by heretical teaching that she will be healed if she just has enough faith. How heartbreaking it is for her to think that it’s her fault that she is still disabled! Pray that Aya will have a right understanding of healing and faith. Ask that she will see that the Lord Jesus has the power but that it might not be His will to heal her in this life. May He give her contentment in that. At the same time, pray that she will be healed, if it is His will. Pray that the Lord will be near to her and encourage her by His Spirit.