People of the Arid Triangle, North Africa

The blow of the cannon echoes throughout the entire city, signaling that the sun has set; it is time to eat. People gather in homes, on the beach, and in parks to enjoy the breaking of the fast. These gatherings are full of joy and good food, especially at the beginning of the Islamic month of Ramadan. As the month comes to an end, the meals become less extravagant because people are tired, and money is running thin. Ramadan is a great time to meet new friends and get invited to share these meals. This is also a good time to talk about how Christian fasting is different, how Christians don’t depend on their good works to get to heaven, and how Jesus once fasted for 40 days . . . and 40 nights! Pray that believers will have many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus during this Ramadan season. Ask that hearts will be softened to hear the truth about the perfect Savior.