Peoples of Afghanistan

On March 21, the people of Afghanistan celebrated Nowruz, the New Year, and it was the year 1403 based on their calendar. It fell in the middle of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to sundown. Usually, Afghans will have a picnic with family to celebrate the new year, but this year with Ramadan and the Taliban, the celebrations were minimal. Pray that as people search for hope this new year, they will look beyond what Islam can offer and find the God of hope. Pray that this same God will send dreams and visions, a very common occurrence during Ramadan, to those who are not fulfilled by their current circumstances. Pray that 1403 will be a year when many will seek and find the One who created them. As Afghans are fasting during Ramadan, pray that they will realize that what you do or don’t put in your mouth doesn’t forgive sins and justify you before God, but rather Who you put in your heart. Ask God to move in the lives of Afghans, bringing them to Himself and giving them the hope that all believers have: the hope of eternal life with Him.