Peoples of Afghanistan

It is the culture of Afghanistan that when a husband dies, all assets either go to his son, if he is of age, or to the husband’s brother; this includes houses, money, and even children. The wife is often encouraged to remarry since she will have nothing left from the marriage. Sara’s husband died earlier this year, leaving Sara and her two young boys. Her husband’s brothers are demanding that she give up her children to them since they have legal rights to them. They told her to remarry, since she is young, if she wants more children, but in a mother’s heart, one child doesn’t simply replace one that is lost. She has been allowed three more months with her children, but in the end, she will have to give them up. Please pray that the brothers will have mercy on Sara and allow her to keep her children. Pray that she will find a way to provide for herself and her boys. Ask God to bless her with another good man for a husband to help provide for her. Pray that she will hear the name of Jesus and put her trust in Him.