Peoples of Afghanistan

With the restrictions on girls not easing up since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, many families are looking outside the country when they want to find a husband for their daughters. Poppy’s family has done just that. She is engaged to an Afghan man who lives in France. Once she gets her passport, she will make her way to Iran to get married. Then she will apply for a visa, which can take over a year to obtain. She will stay with his parents while he goes back to France to work. Please pray for Poppy as she leaves her family behind and starts her new life in a new country. Pray that she will receive her passport soon and that once she is married, she will get a visa to France quickly and easily. Pray for protection as she starts this journey away from all that she has known. Ask that she will meet people outside of Afghanistan who will point her to Jesus. Pray for her to have a husband who loves her and will provide for her. Pray, also, that her husband will follow Jesus.