Peoples of Ghana

In April, you were asked to pray for some Ghana Team members who were beginning a ministry on the campus of the University of Ghana. They had difficulty meeting with university students during the last school term due to many scheduling conflicts. Thankfully, they were finally able to meet regularly with a group of students for six weeks at the end of the year to teach lessons in the series: “What is the gospel?” This is an important topic because many Ghanaians profess to be Christians but cannot explain the gospel or how they became a Christian. There will be a new group of students on campus soon, and the team will need wisdom, opportunity, and favor with students to begin a discipleship relationship with them and move into teaching the lessons quickly. Please ask the Lord to coordinate the schedules of the students to allow consistent meetings for this teaching early in the year. Pray for wisdom for the team, and ask that any students who have not truly put their faith in Christ for salvation will come to saving faith as a result of the teaching.