Peoples of Jharkhand, India

(JAHR-kuhnd) – Continue to pray for the development of an oral discipleship curriculum for those across the state of Jharkhand whose primary method of learning is orality. Ask that the Bible stories will be told in language that is easy to understand for those of all educational backgrounds. Pray for the development of stories in other local tribal languages and for partners who will “catch the vision” of discipleship through storytelling. Lift up the meetings that are already happening, asking that they will bring honor to the Father and that they will be fruitful. Pray for wisdom going forward in seeing what is working and what is not working. Pray that those who come to hear the stories of the Bible will remember the stories and tell them to others. May they share the gospel even if they cannot read. Pray that they will not feel like they are excluded from discipleship and from the task of sharing, but rather encouraged as they learn the stories of the Bible.