Peoples of Madagascar

“Join our Madagascar Team in praying for our team members all around Madagascar! Those serving in Antananarivo, the capital city, ask: 1) ‘Pray for God’s protection for our family.’ 2) ‘Pray for the rapid spreading of the Word of God (2 Thessalonians 3:1).’ 3) ‘Please pray for the launch in February of Africans on Mission (AOM), which aims to collaborate with the African church to recruit, train, send, and support missionaries to all nations.’ 4) ‘Missionaries Ben and Erin Sprankle and their family have many joyous celebrations planned for this year: a family wedding and graduations, alongside living daily life. Pray for praise to ever be on their lips as they walk through this year worshiping the Lord and leading others to do the same.’ 5) ‘I need help with the language. There are 18 dialects across the island, and I’m only learning one. Pray for me to understand the official dialect and find translators to work with.’ 6) ‘Pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of Malagasy people, and ask for the gospel to reach them.'”