Peoples of Madagascar

“Join our Madagascar Team in praying for our team members all around Madagascar! Those serving in the capital city of Antananarivo ask: 1) ‘Pray that community health research will give ample insight into the needs of communities in order to develop practical evangelism methods.’ 2) ‘Pray that my interest in culture and language learning will continue to be strong!’ 3) The Emeish family is preparing to return to the United States for retirement. ‘Specifically, we ask that you pray for our smooth adjustment to the new life that this chapter will bring. Pray that we will conclude our time in Madagascar well, allowing time to bid meaningful farewells to our ministry partners, friends, and team members.’ 4) ‘Pray that as we say goodbye to many of the unbelieving businessmen we’ve built a relationship with over many years, doors will be open for us to share Christ and the businessmen will be receptive.'”