Peoples of N Guinea-Bissau, SW Senegal, W Gambia

The Harvester People are deeply steeped in animism. They live in fear of what the spirits may or may not do. They attempt to appease the spirits by offering sacrifices of palm wine, chickens, or even an occasional goat at the place of idol worship. They believe that if they keep the spirits happy, then they will have good crops and their family members will stay healthy. The fear of what the spirits might do cause entire villages to shy away from the truth of the gospel. This fear has a stronghold on most. Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior face people telling them that the spirits are angry with their decision. Those people wait for bad things to happen to the believers. Pray that the believers will continue to be strong in the face of persecution and that they will model Christ in their lives. Pray that they will cling to Jesus and not fall back into the ways of animism.