Peoples of Rhine, Rühr, Main River Areas, Germany

(RYN, RUE-er) – The local church in Germany that was planted by IMB team members hosts a weekly gathering for young people. The older Yezidi teens who attended last year heard the gospel several times but haven’t yet decided to follow Jesus and are no longer attending. Please pray that when they are older and can think more freely about religions and worldviews, they will remember what they learned and make a decision for Jesus. (The Yezidis, a Kurdish religious minority, believe in a chief divine being (angel) who they worship. They were targeted by ISIS during 2014 for genocide, and many fled to Germany.) The younger people are continuing to attend the gathering and are asking a lot of good questions. They seem to be searching and genuinely interested in Christianity. Pray for the teens and their families, that their eyes of spiritual understanding will be opened and accept Jesus as the only way, truth, and life and that no one comes the Father except through Jesus. Pray that the seeds planted will remain and produce fruit for God’s kingdom.