Peoples of the Konkan Coast, India

(KAHN-kin) – For Fred and Daisy, daily prayerwalking around their apartment complex has helped them to develop friendships with many of the security guards. One specific guard, Aarav, asked for Fred’s contact number because he was changing jobs. However, Aarav’s mother and father work in different buildings in the high-rise apartment complex, so he would still be coming to the area quite often. Fred and another local believing brother initiated a conversation with Aarav one morning in which they were able to share the gospel, and Aarav surrendered his life to Christ. Pray for continued enthusiasm for Aarav and his mother and father, who have all come to faith in Jesus! Ask for a hunger and thirst for the Word for these new brothers and sister in the faith. Pray for a church to be started in their home.