Peoples of the Northern Mountains of Laos

The Tamoy are a people group of 800-900 people, indigenous to Laos. Their villages are in the Luang Namtha province. Tamoy people are sometimes not recognized by their government as a distinct group, though they are distinct from surrounding ethnic groups. They speak the little-studied language of Mon-Khmer, which is similar to the surrounding Khmu language. They are typically considered animists, but it is believed that there may be some Theravada Buddhist influences within their practices. Because there are no known followers of Jesus within the Tamoy people group, they are considered completely unengaged and unreached with the gospel. Other closely related people groups have been very receptive to the good news of Jesus; however, no effort to share the gospel has focused on the Tamoy people. Please pray that the Father will call harvest workers to witness to the Tamoy people. Also, please pray that the Holy Spirit reveal the goodness of God through dreams, visions, and His creation.