Peoples of Yemen

People who know how to help a plant flourish are said to have a “green thumb.” God, the Father, whom Jesus calls “the vinedresser” in John 15, is the “Ultimate Green Thumb”! He knows exactly what to do with branches (believers) in the Vine (Jesus) to make them fruitful. The Father has grafted believers into the Vine, where we have access to the life-giving sap of His Spirit. The Vinedresser knows where to prune us back to make us even more fruitful. Jesus is clear that bearing fruit is not something we can do by our own effort. Against every natural inclination of our flesh, we simply must rest in our position as a branch and abide in the Vine, kept there by the Vinedresser, empowered by His Spirit. Let the truths in John 15 fuel your prayers for the small and growing Yemeni church. Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach them to abide daily in Christ (v. 5). Ask that they will grow in their love for one another (v. 12). Ask the Father to prune them as needed so they’ll bear more fruit (v. 2), proving to be Jesus’ disciples (v. 8) and bringing the Father glory.