Persian Peoples of the Western Diaspora

The Islamic holiday of Ramadan is a month of fasting during daylight hours and praying, and for many Islamic peoples, this is a time of heightened interest in spiritual things. However, the majority of the Persians of the Western diaspora hate Islam, they hate what Islam has done to their beloved homeland, and they have even let this intense hatred push them to disdain all religions. Ramadan began last month, and it culminates this month on April 9. The last 10 days of Ramadan are of particular importance, with the most important being the “Night of Power” on April 5, when many Muslims will pray all night to gain special favor with Allah. Please pray for Muslims everywhere during this month. Ask the Lord to use this time of spiritual interest to draw Muslims to Himself, the one true God, and pray especially for the Persians of the Western diaspora who have turned from Islam to be open and drawn to Jesus during this significant spiritual time in their home culture.