Persians of the South Caucasus

(CAW-kuh-suhs) – Many people learn about Jesus while traveling through, or moving into, the South Caucasus region. Please pray for Persians who have made a recent decision to follow Him. Many make this decision while they’re away from family and may face persecution from their communities regarding their decision. Pray for protection over the seeds of the gospel that have been planted. Pray for access to the Word and community for new believers; may they experience grace in their new faith as they stand against rising challenges. Many local Caucasian people around them feel anxious and afraid about the possibility of war. Fearful conversations dominate daily dialogue, people become physically sick from their anxiety, and everyone is looking desperately to other countries to step in and save them. Please pray that during this time, the local church will be a shining light. Pray that Christians will be able to articulate their hope in Jesus Christ and find rest in Him. Pray for unity in the church body as they demonstrate trusting in Him alone.