Pretoria, South Africa

(pri-TOR-ee-uh) – “Some people are squirming in their seats. If they had known that missionaries Daniel and Sky Scott would be visiting their house church today to train on evangelism, they might have found a reason to stay home. Others are listening intently. The house church meets as a small circle of camp chairs in the shaded driveway. Most of the 20-plus people here are devoted followers of Jesus. But now they are challenged as they hear this teaching: ‘Go and Tell! Go and Tell the Good News!’ How many of the people sitting here at this house church in Pretoria, and how many sitting in your church in the United States, claim to love Jesus with all their heart and yet they have never once shared this good news with someone else? Pray for Daniel and Sky as they train different house churches every other month. Pray for the believers in Pretoria to learn the simple method of evangelism that Daniel and Sky teach. ‘Lord, please send God-prepared people across the paths of these newly trained believers. Give us all opportunities to be a witness about what You have done to save our souls! Pray for those who hear the gospel to turn to Jesus.'”