Russian Speakers of Eastern Europe

In fall 2023, believers in Eastern Europe did a medical outreach clinic for people impacted by the war in Ukraine. The believers prayed for and served over 80 patients including an older woman named Lola. At the clinic, this grandmother received physical and spiritual care. As they listened to and cared for her physical needs, the believers shared with Lola about God and invited her to come to an outreach event for women. Lola came and enjoyed it! Then, she began attending corporate worship with the local body of believers weekly on Sundays. So interested in hearing the Word, Lola joined a weekly small group Bible study. Sadly, Lola is going blind and cannot read small print, so the Bible study leaders provided her with printouts of the texts in an extra-large font and an audio Bible. After a few months of reading and listening to the Scriptures, Lola surrendered her life to Christ and will be baptized this month, June 2024. Pray for Lola to grow in and boldly share her faith with her family who do not know the Lord. Pray for the salvation of other refugees like Lola who’ve heard the gospel but haven’t repented yet.