Russian Speakers of Eastern Europe

Local authorities sponsor a popular, full-ride university scholarship which affords students from selected countries the opportunity to live and learn in Pilgrim City. They study a range of subjects, from diplomacy to computer science and engineering. A large part of this group is composed of students from Russian-speaking post-Soviet countries. Almost all these Russian-speaking students are culturally tied to Islam, but most are nominal Muslims. Some believers are engaging this group of students in English- and Russian-speaking environments, working closely with an organization which serves international students. A few of the Russian-speaking students have met one-on-one with believers, while some have attended events and small groups with other believers. Whereas Slavic peoples are accustomed to going to a church building, the path to Jesus with these Muslim students is not as straightforward. Time and trust are needed to form relationships and share the gospel interpersonally. Pray for follow-up conversations with these students. Pray that the group of believers will work well together and with other partners to reach, follow up, and connect these students with local fellowships. Pray for the students’ salvation.