Russian Speakers of Eastern Europe

Connecting with displaced Russian-speaking refugees face-to-face can be challenging logistically, but thanks to social media and the internet, there’s now a way to “meet” and share the gospel with them, virtually. A group of believers in Europe have been collaborating to reach displaced Russian-language speakers through digital engagement. This group creates evangelistic posts and advertises them on social media in four key cities. Seekers can send a message and immediately connect with a responder who is a mature believer. The responder will pray for, share the gospel with, and encourage the seeker to connect with a local church or Bible study. Right now, tens of thousands of Russian-speakers in these European cities watch short videos about the life of Jesus every month. Hundreds of them write for further information or to request prayer. Pray that in turbulent circumstances, God will open many hearts to the gospel. Pray that those who have fled their homes will find new life in Christ and a new home in the Church. Pray for more Russian-speaking responders, graphic designers, and business-minded believers to join the project and help the group of believers serve with excellence in every sphere of digital engagement ministry.