Sapporo, Japan

(suh-POHR-oh) – The month of May begins with a week-long holiday called “Golden Week.” Some businesses and schools will take time off, especially on the first five days of the month. Pray for the churches in Sapporo to see new people coming to worship as well as former members coming back to visit. Pray that, during the days of being off from work and school, Christians will find time to rest and enjoy the beginning of spring and see the work of the Creator. Ask the Father to give pastors a renewed passion for sharing the good news and building up the body of Christ this month. Ask the Lord to give the churches in Sapporo the power of the Holy Spirit and that He will give courage and boldness to church members. Pray that the churches will show new life and joy in their times of worshiping together and that this will be used to draw others to Jesus. Pray for all to experience a sense of His presence and that each church will be led by the Holy Spirit as they study the Word and share His love with those who are seeking.