South Asian Muslim Media Outreach

Join workers in praising God as they write: “In Acts 4:23-37, we see a beautiful picture of the early church after Jesus went to heaven. Many believers gathered to pray, encouraged each other, took care of each other, and testified of their faith to others. Our brother, Nadeem, is leading a church of seven believers in a city in South Asia. He shared with us how their church grew from five to seven members in the past couple of months. They have received some threats, but they have stayed strong in their faith. Nadeem said, ‘Anything I learn from the Bible in this [online discipleship] group, I share with my small church on Sundays, and we praise God together.’ Nadeem and his church witnessed Rohan and his wife’s baptism and are continuing to encourage them. Rohan and his family were overjoyed to see the support they received from other believers. We dare to think that God’s church is just as strong today as it was hundreds of years ago. These believers are walking in faith by fully submitting their lives to Jesus. Praise God!”