South Asian Unengaged Peoples

The Bateri people live in Pakistan in the Batera area in the southern part of the Kohistan district and the northern part of the Battagram district of Khyber Pakhhtunkhwa province. Their language is closely related to the Kohistani and Shina languages. Some men speak Pashto or Shina, but Bateri women are rarely bilingual because they don’t have any dealings with people from outside their area because they very seldom travel outside their village. The Bateri are 100% Muslim. There are no known believers, and they do not have any Bible resources in their language or radio broadcasts. Please pray for Pakistani believers to develop a love for the Bateri and be willing to move to that area to work among the Bateri. Pray for Bible resources to become available in the Bateri language. Ask God to prepare Bateri people’s hearts to receive the gospel.