Springs People of Northern Africa

The Springs people, with a population of several million, have been living in northern Africa since biblical times. They were considered warriors, tradesmen, and shepherds. Today, they hold many of those same jobs, and are also artists, weavers, and jewelry makers. Over the years, they have been conquered by other kingdoms, which has led to much Middle Eastern and European influences on their culture. Many of the Springs people can speak as many as five languages. The region of their homeland is now a Muslim country due to Arab colonization. There is no freedom of religion for its citizens even though they have roots as Christ followers. Family is at the very heart of the Springs people’s relationships. They have much extended family who live in the same town, if not the same house. Because of this close-knit family system, news spreads very fast, both good and bad. This provides an opportunity for sharing the Word because many sit around and share stories while cooking, working, or visiting a café. The stories from Bible history include people even from their region and can be a wonderful starting point to conversations. Please pray for the salvation of the Springs people.