Students & Young Professionals, Seoul, South Korea

In January, Sinchon Tree Church hosted its first overnight weekend retreat at a cabin in the mountains. Church members worshipped, shared testimonies, played games, and generally spent lots of time together building the church’s “family” identity. As the weekend progressed, it was clear that God was moving in hearts. At the last worship time, two Korean young women decided to begin a relationship with Jesus. It was a time of great joy. One is a college student who grew up in a Christian family. Pray that this new decision will affect her perspective on life and that she will be a light to other students. The second woman is a young professional from a Buddhist background. As soon as she made a decision, she immediately began asking many questions about Christianity, but now her questions have slowed, and she seems to be conflicted between her family’s beliefs and her newfound faith. She is avoiding coming to church and shows no interest in discipleship. Pray that God will have victory over the spiritual battle in her mind and that soon she would have a vibrant faith in Christ.