Students & Young Professionals, Seoul, South Korea

As three missionaries were riding a bus, one of them struck up a conversation with a stranger named Kiu. When Kiu found out that the missionary worked at a local church, his eyes lit up. “No way!” he said, “I just became a Christian three months ago, and I’ve been trying to find a church!” Kiu had been a Buddhist his whole life. But after his brother had passed away earlier that year, his mother reconsidered her hope and become a Christian. Later, Kiu became a Christian too. He had no idea what to do with his new faith, where to find community, or where to find biblical discipleship. The next Sunday after meeting the missionaries, Kui joyfully attended Sogang Tree Church. Kiu believes it was God who arranged the bus meeting. Please pray for him as he grows in his new relationship with Christ. Ask God to ordain “bus meetings” for many more like him.