Students & Young Professionals, Seoul, South Korea

One evening, all members of a weekly English Corner outreach were too busy to attend, leaving the Journeyman missionaries with an unexpectedly free evening. One of them suggested going to play games at an arcade since loose change was beginning to weigh down her purse. While playing darts at the arcade, they noticed a young woman watching them from the side and decided to invite her to join them. They became fast friends and ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out. Even though the young woman, Sarah, only had two weeks left until it was time for her to return to her home country, she wanted to meet up again. Before Sarah left, one of the Journeymen met her at a cafe, where they chatted about their lives’ purpose, meaning, and dreams, leading to a gospel conversation. Sarah seemed quite open to the gospel, but she wasn’t quite ready to make a personal decision to follow Christ. She was, however, willing to try reading the Bible. Pray that God will place other Christians in Sarah’s path now that she’s back in her home country. Ask that she’ll seek Jesus and soon come to know Him personally.