Sub-Saharan African Peoples

In Genesis 45:4-5 (ESV), Joseph confessed who he was to his brothers and showed them that he loved them and knew that God was with him the entire time they had been separated. The end of verse 5 says: “For God sent me before you to preserve life.” As missionaries go overseas to serve, they don’t know what lies ahead of them, especially the difficulties. One missionary could write, “I didn’t know that I would have a road accident and a child hurt.” Another could say, “I didn’t know that there would be a fire and all our possessions would be consumed.” Still another could tell you, “I didn’t know that our son would die on the field.” Each of these missionaries would follow these statements with, “But God was there with us, and He showed us that He was there with us, and this or that happened, which resulted in lives being saved eternally.” Please pray for the missionaries as they walk through difficult times, asking that they will trust the Father in those difficulties and beyond them.