Summer Olympics 2024

Not many months from now, France will be hosting the world’s largest sporting event! Actually, it will be a multitude of sporting events. The Olympics will draw more than 10,500 athletes to Paris in 2024! From July 26, 2024 until August 11, 2024, Paris will be the stage for the world to watch top-notch athletes compete for medals. The venues have been decided and are in the process of being transformed into top condition for the athletes. The city is being renovated and “spruced up” so that the best is seen by the millions of tourists. International Mission Board team members living in France will be joined by volunteers and local believers to share the gospel before, during, and after the Olympic games. The games give locals, whose hearts may be open during this time, the opportunity to hear from the many visitors. Pray for God to prepare hearts and opportunities to proclaim the gospel with people who live in the host cities as well as with visitors. Please pray for the follow-up work that will be done by team members, volunteers, and local believers after the games.