Theological Education in Uganda

The Uganda Baptist Seminary Team writes: “We recently had a three-day workshop at Uganda Baptist Seminary to develop leaders within healthy churches to reach and disciple people across all ages. The students were asked to write down what makes finding leaders and volunteers challenging. Although Jesus commanded everyone to go, teach, make disciples, and baptize, most people think that’s only the job of the pastor. Other barriers to healthy church growth that the students included were issues such as needing volunteers but them demanding to be paid, people too busy to help in the church, pride/resistance to change, lack of training, personal struggles, laziness, inconsistency, lack of confidence or competence, immaturity, and male dominance. They added some things that might be unfamiliar to a Western mindset such as language barriers, illiteracy, having a Bible but unable to read well enough to study, friction between the educated and uneducated, no resources, etc. As we seek to work through these barriers, will you pray for the leaders we’re training to understand and share the passion for reaching and discipling people? Would you pray that their passion and vision from Jesus’ teaching will spread among their churches and that they’ll influence their communities with healthy churches?”