Tuareg of the Sahara Desert

(TWAR-eg) – Desert. It’s one word that elicits several responses. Assuming you don’t confuse it with the more delectable “dessert,” the responses are likely to be similar for most. Hot, dry, vast, empty, dune-filled, and a scorching sun are likely the ideas that immediately come to mind. Maybe you envision cacti or the occasional reptile scurrying to find relief in the limited shade provided by whatever sparse vegetation might exist. In addition to ideas, merely thinking about the bright reflections off the sand and the convection oven-like winds that sweep across it actually can cause a sense of warmth to come over your body. What most people don’t think about, however, is the bitter cold that comes after the sun sets. During the “cold season,” Tuareg in the Sahara huddle close to a fire and cover in thick blankets to keep out the biting chill in the air. The 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit highs of the day drop down to the 20s and 30s at night. Just as the next day’s sun provides relief from the cold, pray that the Tuareg will come to know the Son and the warmth and joy that He alone can provide.