Tuareg of the Sahara Desert

(TWAR-eg) – As the region continues to be embroiled in geo-political turmoil resulting from coups d’état, cyclical droughts, conflicts/wars, economic struggles, and general instability in several countries, even the often-isolated Tuareg are being impacted. Foreign aid is getting cut to some countries, and the market price of staple goods reflects the new-found shortages that result. Lack of fodder for livestock due to failed rainy seasons, expensive foodstuffs, and governmental policies or instability drive migration that further exacerbates the aforementioned problems and their impact on the Tuareg. As a Tuareg man sits on his mat, looking at the challenges facing him and his family, he laments the struggles that his people currently face and the increasing impact he sees the outside world having on the Tuareg way of life. A once proud and independent people, the Tuareg see their hope continuing to fade. The outside world is encroaching upon them more and more every day–not that it hasn’t done so throughout history, but it’s becoming more and more real and noticeable to them on a daily basis. Please pray that amid the turmoil, the Tuareg will turn to the One who offers true and lasting hope.