Uighurs of Post-Soviet Central Asia

(WEE-ghurs) – Rejoice that men from a similar culture went to share the good news with the Uighurs of Post-Soviet Central Asia! This other Central Asian culture is 90% comparable to the Uighur culture and language. However, among this other culture, the churches are healthier and the leadership development has produced more fruit. Now, the Lord has laid on their hearts the need for the Uighur people to hear about Jesus, so they are leaving their comfortable environment in order for this to happen. Because of the similarities, they can speak in their own language and be understood; plus, the travel and living situations are similar to what they are used to. In their first trip across the border, they shared the gospel with around 50 people, with one man accepting Jesus into his heart. Thank the Lord for these near-culture men! Pray for more of them to be sent to the Uighurs so that this sharing will grow, be fruitful, and multiply.