Uzbeks of Post-Soviet Central Asia

(OOZ-beks) – The leaders of a local church recently decided to implement formal church membership to distinguish between members and mere attenders and to make being a committed part of the church more meaningful. The elders began teaching the congregation what it means to covenant with one another, to care for other members, and what relationships with other believers should look like according to Scripture. They met with each individual to discuss any questions they might have and to hear their salvation testimonies. Eventually, they had a special Sunday meeting where they formally accepted those desiring membership. After that, each Sunday after the service, they’d gather members into small groups to share and pray for one another. They even held their first-ever members’ meeting to discuss the budget and other church matters. Pray that their openness with finances and decisions will have a positive impact on their members as well as other groups around the country. Pray that God will be glorified as they hear God’s Word preached weekly and participate in the Lord’s Supper regularly. Pray for the members to center their lives around their local church and for their relationships to reflect the gospel, demonstrating love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and righteousness to those around them.