Wassulu of Mali, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire

(WAH-soo-loo) – Work in the Wassulu village of “Monroe” began around eight years ago when the Muslim village chief there welcomed Wassulu evangelism workers, but not before their request to share publicly in another village was denied. After years of praying, sharing the gospel in various ways, and visiting the people of “Monroe,” the team rejoices in reporting that two women have declared their desire to become followers of Christ! Nancy and Sarah had heard the good news before, but after recently seeing the “JESUS” film in their own language, the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts and gave them the boldness to come to a Wassulu worker and declare that they have heard, understood, and believed! Praise God for these new sisters in Christ, and pray as their journey as Christians begins! Ask for them to be steadfast against the troubles that will likely befall them, perhaps caused by both their families and members of the community. Pray that Nancy and Sarah will grow to be His witnesses among their own people, the Wassulu of West Africa.