Wassulu of Mali, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire

(WAH-soo-loo) – In September and October, you were asked to pray regarding a pastor’s training conference in the final quarter of the year that would be attended by Malian workers among the Wassulu and that a coordinator for the Wassulu work would be coming to teach. As you prayed, they continued to plan and prepare even as issues in Mali and the region seemed to make it more tentative. Thank God today that the conference was able to move forward, and everyone was able to participate! Others joined them from multiple people groups in Mali for a much-needed time of teaching about pastoral work and from the Word of God. They were blessed, also, by an additional guest teacher who was able to travel to Mali to encourage these men with sound biblical instruction from the Bible, further enriching their understanding. Pray that the Wassulu workers and others who attended will continue to be spiritually renewed following the conference and the much-needed time with fellow Bible teachers. Be reminded that as you lift up your prayers, with only the Lord knowing the details of dates and locations shared in such requests, He is indeed faithful and has heard your appeals in prayer!