Wassulu of Mali, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire

(WAH-soo-loo) – In September of last year, Wassulu workers shared that they were able to renew the contract with Radio Hope, and earlier in 2023, they reported that they had confirmed that gospel material broadcasts from both Radio Hope and Radio Truth were being heard and making an impact. Thank God that recent discussions with Radio Truth’s staff yielded a renewal of that contract through the year 2024, as well! Praise God that He has made a way for a healthy relationship with the station’s personnel, who are Muslim, in order to continue this stream of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ into the Wassulu region! Pray for the hearts of those who will hear these messages, asking that they will be prepared by the Holy Spirit and respond to His calling them to the one true God through Christ alone. Also, continue to pray for the current and ongoing efforts involved in recording more teaching from the Word in the local trade language that will reach the Wassulu people and their neighboring people groups.