Window City of North Africa

Abdu became a believer in college and, from the beginning, experienced much persecution from family and friends. He lives in a country that considers it disgraceful and scandalous, to the point where a person can be considered “dead” to their family and can also lose their job, if a person of the predominant religion converts to another faith. In the past year, God has worked in mighty ways in Abdu’s hometown, bringing many people to Himself through the bold witness of Abdu and his brothers and sisters in the faith. The attention this group of believers has received due to their growth and bold testimony has led to increased hardship, including beatings, destruction of property, and imprisonment. Pray that God will strengthen them and increase their faith, and ask that much fruit will come from their suffering. Pray that God will continue to provide for their needs, and especially ask for a consistent job for Abdu that will allow him and his fiancée to get married. Pray against the work of the evil one, and ask God to continue to bring many people in this town to Himself.