Yawo of Northern Mozambique

(YAH-oo) – “What would you do if your sister asked you to cook herbs bought from the witch doctor to give to your sick mother? Linda’s sister cared for their mother in her own household, and she asked Linda to cook the herbs since she had to go out and plant in her field. Had it been her own household, Linda would have thrown out the herbs, but what should she do since her sister had paid for them? At first, Linda served the herbs to her mother. Convicted of sin, she confessed it to the church the next Sunday and asked for prayer. The next week, Linda didn’t cook the herbs, and when her sister asked her why, she said she forgot. Again, convicted of sin, she confessed this to the church. The church encouraged her, counseled her, and gave her Scripture to show to her sister. Linda is one of the most courageous and faithful believers we know here, and as we watched this unfold, I learned anew how much they need prayer to stand up for Jesus. Please pray for Linda and all Yawo believers to rely on the strength of the Lord, boldly share His truth, and stand against evil.”