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Deepen Discipleship

1 John 3


Lord, You alone are worthy of our love and devotion. You bless us with Your righteousness, and You love through us. Protect us from the evil in our own hearts as we pursue life in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Reflect and Change

Read 1 John 3

John continued his defense against false teaching by equipping his audience to discern who is in Christ. He didn’t set up Christians to judge one another, but rather to look at the love we have for one another as evidence of living in Christ (3:14). Genuine brothers and sisters will exhibit certain characteristics: they’ll be given to purity (3:3), they don’t continue in sin (3:6), and they keep God’s commandments (3:24).


Believers sin, but they don’t continue in habitual sin without repentance. (3-min)

© 1966-2016 University Reformed Church. Used by permission.

Ultimately, the fruit of remaining in Christ is love for God and love for others (3:10–11). God’s people ought to be known for the kind of love that Christ demonstrated for us, such that we lay down our lives for one another (3:16). John set the love we have in Christ against the hatred the world has for Him and us, God’s people. In fact, John says, we should expect the world to misunderstand us (3:1) and even hate us for being in Christ (3:13). Nevertheless, we demonstrate God’s love with actions and truth (3:18).


Watch a short video encouraging us to love in actions and truth. (3:30 min)

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Daily Verse for Meditation

1 John 3:16

16 By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.

Reflect and Change
  1. In 1 John 3:8, John writes, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” How has Jesus destroyed the devil’s work in your life?
  2. In your life, how are you loving others? How are you laying down your life for brothers and sisters in Christ?
Go and Do
  • Prayerfully look for physical needs around you. Find a way to apply 1 John 3:17 by providing for the immediate needs of someone else. Expecting nothing in return for your loving actions, note the response of the person you help.  Evaluate how your actions affect you and record your response in your journal.
Discipleship Activities
  • Practice telling the story you learned last week to your family or community group. Ask questions about the story, and see if they remembered the main points and understood it. [Teaching Simply, Making Disciples]