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Deepen Discipleship



Lord, help me as I reflect on what I’ve learned these past six weeks. Thank You for all I’ve seen in Your Word. Thank You for how You have helped me. Help me not forget how You’ve challenged me. Thank You that You are always with us. May I live for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  1. Think back to your reading from the Word these past six weeks. What specific things has God shown you? From your memory work? Stop now and take notes, if you haven’t already, on any truths you want to remember from this time.
  2. Reflect on what you learned from the “Reflect and Change” questions. Again, stop and note anything you want to remember, to pray about, or to continue to work on. What have you learned from other people
  3. Review the “Go and Do” and “Discipleship Activities.” How did you see God help you? Were there any new activities you want to continue? Anything you want further help on? Any new relationships you want to keep pursuing?
  1. Celebrate how the Lord has helped you these past six weeks! Celebrate truths He has shown you in His Word. Celebrate any new acts of obedience He has helped you with, any areas of growth. Celebrate new relationships you have made.
  2. Take notes of these things to celebrate with your Deepen Discipleship group, and celebrate together what the Lord has done.
  1. Stop now and pray, thanking God for His Word, for His people, and for His Spirit that works in us.
  2. Pray for any new relationships that have begun during these six weeks. Pray for God to work in their lives and for you to continue to have boldness, opportunities, and increased ability to share truth.
  3. Pray for the others in your Deepen Discipleship group. Pray for those they have met and shared truth with. Pray for God’s continued work in their lives, too.
  4. Pray for yourself. For God’s continued work in your life. For any specific areas of growth you want to continue to pursue. For continued faithfulness in discipleship routines.
  5. Pray for your church, for those both leading and following.
  1. Deepen Discipleship continues! Make plans to stay in God’s Word, reading and learning, reflecting and changing, going and doing.
  2. Prayerfully plan how you will continue to follow up with new relationships.
  3. Prayerfully plan any habits or routines you should start, stop, or continue.