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Deepen Discipleship

Table of Contents

Navigating Deepen Discipleship

Deepen Discipleship is designed as a 24-week experience. Like any relationship, being a faithful follower of Jesus requires time and focused attention. Make sure to create some space in your schedule for this process.

Each time you start a New Testament book, there will be a brief guide to understanding that type of literature: a) narrative including parables (the Gospels), b) narrative without parables (Acts), c) Letters, or d) apocalyptic. Take time to look at those, and feel free to refer to them often as you read.

Use the Table of Contents here

Module 1 (Weeks 1-6)
Module 2 (Weeks 7-12)

Week 7: Matthew (Part 1)

Week 8: Matthew (Part 2)

Week 9: Hebrews

Week 10: James

Week 11: 1 Corinthians

Week 12: 2 Corinthians

Module 3 (Weeks 13-18)

Week 13: Mark

Week 14: Galatians

Week 15: Titus, 1 Timothy (Part 1)

Week 16: 1 and 2 Timothy

Week 17: 2 Timothy and Ephesians

Week 18: 1, 2, 3 John

Module 4 (Weeks 19-25)
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