For Missionaries

As a discipled believer, you’re excited about finding your place in God’s mission. Here’s a road map to guide you as you explore your options for missionary service:

  1. Connect with your church leadership.
    Your first step is to talk with your pastor about your desire to be a missionary. He will be able to help you think through how your own experience, gifting, and character may affect your service on the mission field. He also can help you explore options through the lens of your church’s current missions involvement. IMB will partner with your church as they send you.
  2. Be prepared spiritually.
    makers must be faithful disciples themselves. Be sure that you are actively participating in Christian community and growing in your faith. For an idea of what it means to be a faithful disciple (and a great tool to cover the basics), check out Deepen Discipleship.
  3. Understand the basics.
    Most Christians 
    would agree that mission is important, but what exactly is that mission? What does the Bible say about missions? What does a missionary do? Join a small group together from your church to work through the Explore Missions, an introduction to missions that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need as you proceed.
  4. Pray.
    Talk to God about your desire to join his mission. Ask him for wisdom and godly counsel as you explore options for global mission work. Share with him your passion, your excitement, and your apprehension. Ask him to reveal any part of your life that might hinder your witness among the nations. Commit to repentance of that sin and accountability to your church community.
  5. Contact us.
    Once you and your church 
    leadership determine that you’re ready to explore options for service and channels of sending, reach out to us. We’re here to help. Visit our Mission Opportunities page to learn how you can get involved.