For Professionals

Sometimes, the best missionaries aren’t “missionaries” at all.

To establish a powerful gospel witness among unreached peoples and places, we need engineers, web developers, freelancers, doctors, teachers, accountants, and other professionals in the work force. 

By working among those who have not heard the good news about Jesus, these professionals can be positioned for great influence in people’s lives. We train those who have professional education and experience to cross cultures and make disciples while working in their careers. We provide the team support you need to be part of concerted church planting efforts. Our vision includes diverse church planting teams made up of people with different roles and jobs, all working together to make disciples and plant churches. This includes people who may not have much free time or have jobs that aren’t typically considered to be ministry related.

Currently, the greatest opportunities for professionals on mission are in four global cities: Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, and Shanghai. See Global Cities Initiative for more information.

Professionals can be positioned for great influence in people’s lives.